What Matters? – first step towards a meaningful job

My first meeting with a new client (you) starts with a free preliminary half-hour, or so, where we discuss What Matters? and What is the Opportunity? We need to assess where you are now and how I can help.

Your greatest success is going to be in four areas : doing what you love, what you’re good at that fulfils a need in the world and that you can be paid for. These are the first four things to find out.

Typical questions to ask are – When were you most alive? What is the best thing about you?  What do you most value about what you do? When were your low points?

If any of the four areas is missing we can start focusing there : What needs to change? What’s stopping you? What would or wouldn’t happen if the situation or your behaviour changed? What are you telling yourself (repeatedly)?

Finding the right questions to ask is half the battle. My research, published in popular form in my book, The Next 63 Days, describes how to move from what matters for you to accomplishing your objectives. It starts with being clear about what matters and being generous, not over critical, with yourself on your achievements to date. Facing up to the reality of your situation is crucial – What’s Up? and “What’s So? Then figuring out and acting on some alternatives and possibilities – What if? So What? and What Now?

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