Is it Time to Change your Job?

Is it time to change your job?

“If you’re not growing, get going” is advice I got early in my career.

While leaving the security of a job may be one of the hardest decision you make, if you’ve tried nothing new in months or years you will wonder why you waited so long. Job comfort is no substitute for the resultant deadening to your brain, spirit, esteem and career.

Time to change job?

Surveys continually tell of the signs that you are in the wrong job.

The top three reasons given for changing jobs are:

  • bad boss
  • desire for personal development
  • balance work and lifestyle

The top three reasons people stay in a job are:

  • concordance between the job demands and personal needs
  • interesting and challenging work with promotion prospects
  • good monetary package

The top three reasons for putting in good work effort are:

  • interesting work especially if benefits others / society
  • sense of achievement with appreciation & recognition
  • good monetary package

It is not necessary to stay

  • where your workload is overwhelming
  • where talking to your boss is like hitting a brick wall
  • where you are stagnating – your skills underutilised and you are losing the expertise that makes you stand out (Just think of how quickly technology moves on.)
  • where you’re ashamed of your job
  • where you’re a loner at work
  • where there are no opportunities for promotion

Choose a career that doesn’t need escaping from.

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