How to mobilise a Group from Principles to Practice

Mobilise a group from principles to practice


Moving from overall Principles to Practice i.e. from Strategy to Execution, is often the most difficult stage of an initiative. Why can so many company away-days be renamed Management Groundhog Day? The same politics, weaknesses in other departments and of course “communication issues” are regurgitated.

The Language Processing Method has helped many companies not only escape from Groundhog    Day but also developed their own expert facilitators. Some created a competitive core competence by building shared perspectives for faster action.

This is also a powerful problem solving technique in formulating action plans when:

  • The issues around the problem appear large and complex
  • Relevant information appears in disorganised thoughts and ideas
  •  A breakthrough in traditional thinking is needed
  •  Alignment across functions or in a team is essential to successful accomplishment

Expected Outcomes:

  • Translates an overall vision & values into action at levels meaningful to each person’s responsibilities
  • Builds a clear focus, with a shared perspective by all the people involved
  • Checks and chooses the significant few items that will make a differenceOrganisational Learning
  • Commits each person to specific action
  • Creates new insights
  • Can cause a major breakthrough

Because people become volunteers and because each person has a Voice & a Choice, this process motivates extraordinary commitment The shared perspective results in improved teamwork, working effectively on the 80/20 principle towards achieving agreed goals, even over a long period.