Strategic questions to accelerate both your career and your job performance

Have you ever considered that the strategic questions relevant to accelerating your career are similar to the strategic questions that are relevant to accelerating projects at work?

There are three main phases in the journey from placing one’s stake in the ground to claiming the buried riches – from problem to solution, from opportunity to accomplishment. They are the aligning, acting and adjusting phases that answer questions by having eight types of conversation. Developing your career involves having these conversations with yourself and with people who are ‘trusted sounding boards’. Moving a project from concept to launch involves similar types of conversations that mobilise the meanings that become the source of efficient and effective action in work groups.

Of course there are many other questions that arise from the eight questions highlighted here. For instance, in order to improve your public profile and reputation – i.e. your authentic personal brand – you might ask “Would I hire myself?” And this leads on to questions like:

  • How do others see me?
  • What do others think about me?
  • What do others know about me?
  • What do others say about me when I am not there?

My workbook The Next 63 Days deals in more detail with these strategic questions. If conversations are about behaviours, the results will be individual action on tasks. If conversations are about objectives, what to shoot for, the results will be tactical. If the conversations also include what you, your organisation, your group, stand for, the results will be strategic accomplishments.

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