The Pyramid Method

One of the top problems people have when writing or speaking, is to express clearly the nub of what you want to communicate.

The Pyramid Method is the answer. It gets you to the nub of what you want to say, and then organises the ideas so as to be crisp, clear and compelling. The secret is “Think first, write later”. Learn from what the world’s major consultancies do. We can adapt the course to meet your cost target and your needs – whether for a group or individually.

There are 8 Steps. Whether it is an email, a phone call, a presentation, a thesis, or a report, we tend to think from the bottom up i.e. from experiences, but must communicate from the top down e.g. from our solution.

The method means fewer redrafts, faster output, and better quality communication. It clarifies your own thinking. It helps you solve problems. It makes your boss think you are brilliant!

I struggled with an average of four redrafts of a 750 word column for 3 years before I discovered the elegance of this approach. The penny dropped: “it is not only the prose, it’s the thinking, stupid.”