What is the Purpose of a CV?  a Cover Letter?

Job InterviewThe primary purpose of a CV or Resume is not to get a job. It is to be intriguing enough get an interview. Secondarily, it is to cue questions that you are ready for in the interview. Thirdly, it is to reaffirm, after the interview, how hiring you can solve the hirer’s problems.

Often, the final decision-maker does not see all the job applications. They are filtered by other(s). The cover letter is to get you through these filters for a face-to-face interview. This requires creating interest and concisely directing the reader’s attention to specific strengths or accomplishments that are especially relevant to the organisation or the position you are seeking.

There is no “best way”. Certainly avoid the generic cover letter and CV. Appreciate that the cover letter is as important as the CV and that there is an art in writing

  • good reasons for saying you think the company is just the one where you would be proud to work for
  • can give total commitment to doing a great job
  • and still have a bubble of enjoyment
  • in an upbeat professionally competent style
  • that is memorable among other candidates
  • and persuasive that you are a valuable investment (rather than a cost)
  • who will relieve the current pain effectively
  • and then contribute uniquely and profitably in the longer term.

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