Organisational Programmes

Organisational LearningOrganisational programmes, whether for high potential individuals, new hires, or group mobilisation initiatives are crucial for organisational learning and development.

As a company hires new talent or moves talent to new roles, the economic impact of unsuccessful transitions is significant:

  • 40-50% of new hires fail within the first year.
  • The impact of losing an executive with salary greater than 100k is 27 times salary.
  • It takes over 6 months for a new hire to begin to add value to the organisation.
  • The marginal gain to a company from helping a successful senior executive move from Top 5% to the Top 1% is far greater than the gain from helping an average performer move from the top 50% to the top 20%.

Whether it’s moving to a new role, developing potential, changing style, we can develop a customised action learning programme, create a new core competency, or mobilise committed group action.