Negotiating a new job? Five rules to improve your power.

3 Job Negotiation elements: employer’s need, your worth, relative power.

From the first interaction in an application for a job you are making an impression. In fact, engaging in a negotiation. Three crucial elements of this negotiation are the employer’s need, your worth to the employer and relative power dynamics at the time.

The more you impress in every contact that you are unique and incomparable, the better the final job offer package will be.

A survey of 2,500 business people by Willis Towers Watson, found that 94% understood that they shouldn’t expect a job for life. It’s their responsibility to remain employable. One result of this is that people are bargaining for more than a bigger pay packet. They are pushing for benefits that will help them advance their careers – career security more than job security. So, here are five rules to help you get the things that matter:

  1. Think strategically about where your particular experiences will make you a valuable employee. You must do your own due diligence – a growing company needs a variety of talents people for facilities, finance, engineering, quality, innovation….
  2. Get noticed early by hot prospects. Enhance your on-line presence, get on the regional committee of your profession, network, network, network.
  3. Make sure you’re in a fertile environment – a company that fosters excellence, that is the best place for you as your career progresses.
  4. Check how you choose your target employers. Job search is a marketing and sales process. Smart sales people don’t knock on every door. They work out where they can have the greatest impact. For the job match to work you’ve got to work out where you’re most needed.
  5. Think of yourself as an investment, not a cost, and make a strong case that hiring you is a great deal…and that it will enhance your boss’s reputation and effectiveness.

Well selected PARs are an essential part of your strategic communications.  Improve your chances of success by having discussions with somebody acting as an up-to-date ‘intelligent soundboard’.

I have a checklist of 35 items to be considered in the final job package negotiation.


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