Developing New Competencies

New competencies, especially in communication, are essential to career growth. Our work, our relationships, and our lives succeed or fail, one conversation at a time. Real conversations at work deal with power, alignment and meaning. They start with rapport and aim to move from pretence, through sincerity to accuracy and authenticity. Our ‘natural’ conversations can be career-stallers and may not be so effective in influencing – the crucial core of leadership. To help improve performance and create a good place to work, short focused sessions are available in the following areas:

  1. Diagnostic tools to improve self-knowledge
  2. Stump Speech
  3. Impromptu Speaking
  4. Pyramid Thinking Method
  5. Networking
  6. The First 60 Days
  7. From Project Managing to Project Leading
  8. Building a Team Dashboard
  9. Situational Leadership
  10. From Time Management to Time Leadership
  11. Four Levers to manage improved productivity
  12. 3 tools for Organisational Understanding – development stage, operational mode, culture type.

These skills develop leadership potential and so it is important to understand what leading is. Leadership is a process. A leader must have followers. A senior management job position does not necessarily make the incumbent a leader. We should distinguish between these four concepts:

  • Leadership: multi-participant process of social influencing                                                                           Audio:VN850048
  • Leader: mutual follower / leader social construction
  • Leader role: organisationally situational with expectations of accomplishing certain outcomes
  • Job position incumbent: individual competence & character   (Many incumbents have been promoted beyond their competence)

Leading can come from anybody, anytime, anywhere – not just from the top. Managing-Leading-Following is what each person does in organisations. At the core of these activities is communication. Successful influencing, that critically involves generative listening as well as mastery of speaking – in  public and private – is at the core of successful careers.

In the following pages are summaries of some of the tools to grow your competency and confidence, practiced with me as a sounding board giving feedback in a safe environment.