Full Programme Cycle

Personal Vision Summary with checklist and questionnaireDiscovery, Direction, Dialogue, DecisionPre-Planning:  Free Introductory meeting where we customise a full programme from the following elements:

  1. Discovery: Luck is preparation meeting opportunity and the evolving process for getting control begins with understanding who “MeUnltd ” is.
    • Self assessment & awareness for communicating
      • Myers-Briggs & I SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE or Career Architect
      • Individual Talent Survey
      • Leadership Architect 67 competencies
      • Career Anchors
      • Learning style
      • Attribution Style
      • Belbin Team roles
    • What is your communication style? Is it versatile enough for others to hear what you say?
    • Ideal Work Preferences & core messages from your experience
    • PARs / OARs stories
  2. Direction: A communication strategy that is essentially a marketing plan for your MeUnltd brand targeted to organisations that would have an interest in your competencies Workbookand commitment.
    • What are the employer objectives?
    • How speak so that the employer appreciatively listens?
    • What are the key decision-makers’ communication styles?
    • Customised Résumés (CVs)
      • CV summary statement
      • CV format & content
      • Can do, Will do, Fit checklist
    • Cover letters
    • Stump Speech
    • 90 second Introduction
    • Networking and Profile
    • Targeting & Research
    • Weekly action plan
  3. Dialogue: Make an impact as a unique investment for the organisation – not only a ‘pain reliever’ but a ‘platform builder’ for the future.One chance to make a first impression and then speak to interviewers from where they
    • Interviewing & building rapport
    • Video practice & review of mock interviews.
    • Job interview skillsDevelop presentation and practice presenting.
    • Follow-up
    • Tough questions
  4. Decision: Make sure you want to work here and close the deal to everyone’s mutual satisfaction.
    • Negotiating
    • Contracts
    • First 90 days in new job

Phone and email discussions as required during the process  (Payment is €100 per ~ 2 hr session. Special rates for early career clients.)