Four Session Job Application Programme

While a full job transition programme has four stages: Discovery, Direction, Dialogue and Decision, a typical job application programme focuses on Direction and Dialogue. The client will have completed the Discovery stage and will not feel the need for help in the Decision stage. It is possible, with supplementary free email discussions, to complete a job application process in four sessions.


What are the employer objectives? How speak so that the employer appreciatively listens?

  • Is your communication style versatile enough for others to hear what you say?
  • What are the key decision-makers’ communication styles?

Self assessment & awareness for communicating

  • Myers-Briggs & I SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE or Career Architect

What to communicate?

  • PARs / OARs  stories   (Sample PAR)
  • CV summary statement
  • CV format & content
  • Cover letterTop interview questions and answering tips
  • Can do, Will do, Fit checklist

Dialogue    One chance to make a first impression and then speak to interviewers from where they are.

How to communicate?

  • Interviewing & building rapport
  • 90 second Introduction
  • Practice in mock interviews with video & review
  • Sample tough questions

Phone and email discussions as required during the process                 (Payment is €100 per ~ 2 hr session)