The 6 Variables of your Desired Employment Formula

The employment formula of working towards your ideal job is:

Desired Job objective starts with knowing your reason for being.

Desired Employment = Competencies x Contacts + Qualifications + Work Experience + Knowledge of Organisation + Luck

Luck is always involved. Luck is not necessarily down to uncontrollable chance. We can improve our chances of being lucky. Make our own luck.

Luck = Preparation for Readiness + Opportunity from Awareness

  • It increase the probability of being in the arena to grasp the opportunity or be selected.
  • The ideal of a lucky life is chosen, firstly by what matters for you. I am with Viktor Frankl that you don’t discover who you are, you choose it – “do not ask what the meaning of life is but ask what is life asking of you”. So I say you ‘make it’ rather than find it. Your life is an on-going story that you are telling.
  • A career can be a 40-year marathon. When you are 40, you are ~ halfway through a life that averages ~80 years. There is time to make significant life shifts, if you want to.

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