Emotional Intelligence is Crucial for Career Acceleration

Emotional Intelligence is Crucial for Career Acceleration

A study of 500 managers over 10 years by Claudio Fernandez-Araoz classified executive hires and promotions as successes or failures. Successes were defined as true stars and top performers in their categories. Failures were defined as average or mediocre performers.

The study found that the top performers excelled in two categories: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Relevant Experience. Managers recruited based on these factors performed at star level 42% of the time. They failed 13% of the time.

In management selection processes, the combination of IQ (often characterized as problem solving or analytical skills) and Experience are often over-emphasized at the expense of communication skills. However, the study found that the combination of problem-solving ability and good relevant experience was the most dysfunctional. That combination is nearly three times more likely to fail (57%) as to succeed (20%). High I.Q. managers often fail to listen well to people on the front line. As a result, they depend only on their own past experience in new situations.

The difference between success and failure profiles was so strong that the researcher had no doubt about the reliability and validity of the conclusions: the best combination is Emotional Intelligence and Relevant Experience. Check out your strengths in these areas by contacting info@career-acceleration.com or 086 8812120. I am qualified and experienced in assessing these skills.

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