Elements of Executive Career Coaching Programme

The key points of a typical executive career coaching programme are:

  • 6 Month programme comprising fortnightly 1:1, 2-hour confidential sessions.
  • Target two high-leverage personal changes, measured by pre- and post- 360profiles
  • Focus personal changes on a key project / initiative / issue that is important to the person and the company.  This often involves a team & key cross-functional event.
  • Personal and Organisational diagnostics selectively agreed with the coach
  •  Wide range of Learning Resources applied / recommended by the coach on an individual / team needs basis.
  • A mix of Training, Development, Coaching and innovative Generativity (see illustration below) typically is involved as we adapt to the service user’s needs & diary.
  • The service user compiles a personal Learning Manual which accompanies a copy of The Next 63 Days workbook.

The best results were obtained when a one-day event was included  using the language processing methodology. Including the team and other stakeholders made the greatest impact for mobilising concerted action.

The typical process is described in The Next 63 DaysThis workbook includes a detailed calendar of how to lead a change in 3 months. However, to learn how to accelerate your career through high performance takes the 6 month coaching programme. Have a look at an excerpt from a sample customised Executive Coaching Flowchart.