What is the Purpose of a CV?  a Cover Letter?

The primary purpose of a CV or Resume is not to get a job. It is to be intriguing enough get an interview. Secondarily, it is to cue questions that you are ready for in the interview. Thirdly, it is to reaffirm, after the interview, how hiring you can solve the hirer’s problems. Often, the final decision-maker does not see all the job applications. They are filtered by other(s). The cover letter is to get you through these filters for a face-to-face interview. This requires creating interest and concisely directing the reader’s attention to specific strengths or accomplishments that are …

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What are your Ideal Work Preferences?

Organisations have many reliable people who get things done, but they are not seriously considered for promotion. They are taken for granted – dependable anchors in the company but who have unused capabilities and unfulfilled potential. And the longer they are stuck, the lower their self-confidence about their ability to apply for new opportunities that arise. The problem is that nothing stays the same. companies don’t stand still. New markets, new technology, new bosses, new strategies, new employees, all change the company and the work context. Also you change through those stages of life, where life is asking different things …

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It’s not too late to choose your next career.

We live in a time when we can expect to choose three careers in out lifetime. In 2010, Darren Grant from Rathfarnham, Dublin moved from Global Project Manager at Dell Computers to set up the Organic Supermarket. He now employs a staff of 31 and has a multi-million turnover. Brendan Gleeson chose acting at 34 after having been a teacher for ten years. Róisín Joyce and Eoin O’Conaire, after 17 years in U.K., decided to move from comfortable professional positions in the NHS to start the highly successful Evidence Based Therapy Centre (EBTC) in Galway. Jeff Bezos at age  31 moved …

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