Are You Visible?

Who knows you?
Are you Visible?

Are You Visible? There are three basic stages in a career. Working as

  • Individual Contributor
  • Manager
  • Executive

The performance requirements and flame-out factors are different at each stage. The crucial success competencies are different. Indeed, both performance and flame-out factors increase significantly with career progress.

For instance, an individual contributor’s failure will be down to his or her own poor performance. A manager’s failures include poor team building, poor administration or political missteps. An executive’s failures include inability to deal with ambiguity and adapt to differences, lack of ethics, non-strategic.

Most people no longer work at the same jobs for forty years with the safety of pension plans waiting at the end. They need to intentional navigate career changes. This is the new normal. As somebody said to me recently, Pivot or be pivoted.

Navigating career transitions calls for, not only developing new competencies but also that people you want to work with know who you are and where to find you. Developing a public-facing platform amplifies your leverage during and after a critical career progression.

Identifying your purpose, competencies, values, interests and supporters is preparation work. Often, a shorter term project, rather than a general vision, is an effective start. Sometimes an unexpected opportunity arises because you have asked questions, shown interest and your network learns about it.

Remember that you are demonstrating strategic thinking competence by taking a page out of  how companies grow their business by using social networking platforms:

LinkedIn – promote your ideas, strengthen relationships, expand your network, reach decision-makers

Twitter – get noticed, converse with others, build ‘your brand’ as an engaged caring and competent person

Facebook , Instagram, Slideshare , Google Plus – interact where it makes sense, especially if you create your own website and link your interactions to it.   


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