Career Continuation

I personally deliver customised career continuation sessions. These 2 hour sessions and programmes help you take charge of your career and move more quickly through the emotional and technical phases of a job transition. It includes a customised outplacement programme. Outcomes include:

Job interview skills

  • Comprehensive self assessment of transferable skills, career anchors and personal communication style
  • Career Continuation programme from start to finish
  • Job Application programme in four sessions
  • Identification of the most marketable skills that match your ideal work preferences.
  • Develop a strategic resume (CV) that works in a job market that is rapidly changing
  • Write high impact letters, including CV cover letters.
  • Develop effective company research and job search strategies
  • Hone interview skills using video and feedback
  • Practice presenting – increasingly requested
  • Build a campaign action plan and relationships with  key recruitment firms
  • Staying focused on the process with on-line support in scheduled meetings, email and phone.
  • Practice negotiating skills.

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Why Change Job

Reasons for Job Change

Summarising the findings of several surveys, the top 7 reasons for changing jobs are:

  1. Poor to no opportunities for learning or developing new competencies and capabilities.
  2. Bad management
  3. Toxic workplace / company culture
  4. Lack of promotion
  5. Too much or too little work to do
  6. More money and stability
  7. Inadequate rewards and benefits.

However, hiring managers want to be sure you are leaving for the right reasons. They are not impressed by negative comments about your previous workplace or boss. My job application programme includes finding responses that emphasise the positive reasons and frame your move as a path to advancing your career.