Target companies that support ongoing learning for their employees

The main reason that knowledge workers leave their job is not for more pay. It is because they are not developing their skills or their career. In fact, pay is not even in the top three reasons for this employee turnover. So, in your job search, you need to target companies that fit for you.

Recent PWC research reports that 73% of workers want to develop new skills – but more than half said their employers are not providing them the opportunity. Technology, automation and AI are seen as a threat to their future working life. A third (33%) would take a job at a lower salary in order to secure their future. Overwhelmingly they want to part-time and full time programmes to gain digital skills. They see a need for not only those skills, but critical thinking, analytical reasoning and interpersonal relationship training.

It has been known for quite some time that the top three reasons for seeking a new job are:

  • Not developing / Lack of career advancement opportunities (45%)
  • Work culture or environment (33%)
  • Not interesting/challenging work (39%)

Now, the writing is clearly on the wall. It is urgent that knowledge workers join companies that upskill their workers. When searching for your next job look for companies that understand that one of the greatest challenges when introducing new technology is cultural. Target companies that support ongoing learning for their employees, as well as optimising their technology.

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